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Zirconium Crowns and Bridges

Zircon Metal Free Crowns

Change your life and your smile forever by choosing quality cosmetic dentistry abroad in Hungary in Eastern Europe. Ask for the very best dental crowns, ask for Zircon (zirconium oxide) Crowns. Special Zirconium Offer - zirconium crowns 391 euros. Zirkonium Oxide ZiO2 like Zeno, Cercon, Lawa, Everest or Cerec.

Zirconium Oxide crowns

Zirconium oxide dental crowns and bridgework look fantastic and are an excellent choice for front teeth as well as rear teeth. When placed next to a natural tooth it is almost impossible to detect which is the natural tooth and which is the crown. You will be utterly amazed by the results and your friends will be amazed as well.

Zirconium Oxide dental crowns are strong enough to withstand the biting action of front teeth and the grinding action of rear teeth making them suitable for placing anywhere in the mouth, and they are strong enough to be used in bridgework.

CAD/CAM technology
Zirconium Oxide Crowns
How are the zircon (zirconium oxide) dental crowns made?
Step 1 The dentist takes an impression


Impression model of teeth
Step 2 At the lab the impression model is placed into a laser and camera supported scanner. This produces a 3D computer image
  Zeno scanner which produces a 3D computer image
Step 3 The Zircon dental crowns and bridgework are designed by the lab technician aided by the computer.
  The new dental crown is designed
The new dental crown is designed
Step 4 The information is sent to the milling machine to produce the Zircon crowns and bridgework
  Zeno milling machine
Step 5 The disc which helps in the milling process. The work is then placed into a high temperature furnace.
  Zeno disc
Step 6 The crown or bridge is ready for veneering with a special ceramic material
  Crown and bridge substructure pre veneering
Step 7 The lab technician finishes off the crowns by using a number of tooth imitating ceramics
  Building up layers of tooth imitiating ceramic powders
Step 8 Finished Zirconium crowns or bridgework
  Finished crown or bridgework
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