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UK Consultations in London for Dental Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry - Why is it worth coming to Budapest for your consultation
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UK Consultations


We do not offer UK Consultations however we do offer consultations in Ireland.

We are a small dental clinic in Budapest and whilst we would love to offer consultations in London we cannot do this. For our UK dental patients we concentrate on our dental clinic in Budapest. We offer the highest level of treatment in Budapest for our patients. We offer long consultation times if necessary so that we can find out exactly what you want and so that we can make sure you are completely happy with the dental treatment we are suggesting

Some agencies are offering UK consultations which might include

  • £30 for the consultation
  • £35 for the panoramic x-ray
  • TOTAL £65
  • Consultations are limited to 30 minutes only
  • The treating dentists and the dentist doing the consultations are not the same person in most cases
  • Consultations once or twice a week

Why is it worth coming to Budapest for your consultation

If you choose Prime Dental in Budapest for your consultations

  • your consultation is free
  • your panoramic x-ray is free
  • take advantage of a cheap flight
  • consultations available 5 days a week
  • meet your actual dentist
  • look around the dental clinic
  • meet the staff

You owe it to yourself to look around the actual clinic and meet your dentist before you make possibly one of the biggest decisions in your life. Invest some time in finding out about your dental clinic. We can change your life - come and see for yourself.

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