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Typical Patient Technical Questions


The following questions and answers are typical of the enquiries that we receive every day about dental treatment in Hungary at Prime Dental Budapest.

Implants - 2010

"I need 4 upper teeth extracted, and then all of my upper teeth replaced with implants. I have been told I need 6 upper implants. I also need 1 of my lower teeth extracted and 4 implants. I then need a porcelain bridge for my upper and lower teeth. I have 7 days available"

We can do a lot in 7 days but to do everything that you want will take a little longer. Reckon on 8 months to get all the work completed. You will have to make about 3 trips to the clinic. Before we do anything we will check that you have enough bone to support an implant. If you are borderline we might have to add some artificial bone, this is called bone augmentation and some types of augmentation can be done at the same time as the implant.

Sometimes we can extract teeth and place implants immediately but if there is any gum inflammation or infection we need to wait a couple of two months for this to get better. Once the implants have been placed we want you to have 6 months healing time so that they are strong and able to support the new teeth that you will be biting and chewing with in future. You can have a temporary denture or temporary crowns to fill the gaps while the healing takes place.

Let me explain in more detail what happens with an implant. There are 3 parts to the implant:

  • the titanium implant post itself which goes into the jawbone (this is level with the gum and you cannot normally see it during the healing process);
  • the attachment, this screws into the implant and supports the crown;
  • the implant crown which is placed onto the attachment

You will get a treatment plan with exact prices at your first visit. If you are happy with what we propose the work can start straight away.

To give you a rough idea of cost, Semados implants are 698 euros each. Bone augmentation might cost from nothing to a few hundred euros to much more (but you might not need it). The attachment between the implant post and the crown is 100 euros.

The cost of a porcelain fused to metal crown to go on the implant is 205 euros. Bridgework is priced on a per unit crown basis, so for example if there are 4 teeth on the bridge the price of a porcelain fused to metal bridge would be 820 euros



"I am very interested in getting some dental work done abroad. My teeth have always been a source of embarrassment to me and I would like to have the front top and bottom teeth veneered. I was looking for some indication of how much this would be, also the likely time this would take and the general process."

Veneers are great for covering up minor imperfections such as stains, chipped teeth, small gaps and slight misalignments. Veneers are commonly used on front teeth where only a small change is needed to perfect your smile.

The dentist skims off a very thin layer from the front of your tooth and then fixes a porcelain or zirconium veneer to the tooth that gives it the right shape and colour.

If you have large gaps, crooked or badly damaged teeth your dentist is more likely to recommend crowns instead of veneers. The process is similar but a larger amount of your tooth is filed down and we can make bigger changes to the appearance of your teeth.

In each case the longest part of the process is the lab work. Whether you have veneers or crowns they take 5 working days to make. You have two options:

Stay in Budapest for a week and have everything done in one trip. For example go out Sunday, consultation, x-ray and preparation Monday, fitting Friday, home Saturday.

Make two short trips a week or two apart. 1-2 nights for the consultation and preparation, then return to Budapest for 1-2 nights, 1-2 weeks later, for the fitting of the veneers or crowns.

Zirconium veneers cost 370 euros each. Zirconium crowns and veneers can be made to match the translucency as well as the colour of your other teeth.

Depending on the width of your smile you might need 6-8 veneers on the upper and the same on the lower. If you send me a photo of your teeth I can give you a better estimate.

You will get a treatment plan with exact prices at your first visit. If you are happy with what we propose the work can start straight away. Remember that this price includes the airport transfer, your consultation, panoramic x-ray and impressions.



Quotation for 3 implants
I would like to know the projected cost for 3 implants next to each other. I have been informed by my dentist that I have enough bone for implants to take place.

Consultation, treatment plan and panoramic x-ray - free of charge 0
3 Semados implants, 698 euros each 2094
3 Attachments, 100 euros each 300
Implant Crowns - normally placed on the implant after 6 months healing.  
3 porcelain on metal crowns (also known as porcelain covered implant crowns), 205 euros each 615
TOTAL 3009 euros
We offer 3% discount for cash.

The first trip to Budapest for the consultation and the placing of the implants would be for 3-5 nights. The second trip, after 6 months, for the implant crowns.

Payment is due for each trip separately. The clinic offer free airport transfers.

Differences in Crowns
I'm interested in have 12 crowns fitted to my teeth (6 front top and 6 front bottom). Can you please explain the differences between the various crowns you use. Would I get a discount for 12 crowns? How long would it take to fit 12 crowns. Would I be able to have the work done in one day? Do you work weekends?

The type of crown you would choose would depend where in the mouth they are to be placed and your budget. Obviously at the front of the mouth it is very important to achieve a natural look rather than something that just functions.

The difference in the crowns is the materials they are made of, the look and the strength.

A basic crown, porcelain fused to metal (also called porcelain covered crown or porcelain on metal) is very strong, however the base metal gives an opaque look to the crown and natural teeth are quite translucent so side by side you would possibly be able to tell which was the crown and which was the natural tooth. If however the upper and lower teeth were all changed together this would not be so much of an issue. If using porcelain fused to metal teeth at the front you would also want to use a porcelain shoulder which is a few mm of porcelain which overhangs the tooth so that if/when the gum slightly recedes over the years the metal underneath at the edge will not be as evident. Porcelain fused to metal crowns are the cheapest crowns and if someone is quoting for a "crown" this is probably the type they mean.

Porcelain fused to gold crowns are normally quoted at the porcelain fused to metal rate plus the cost of the gold. Typically 2-4 grams of gold are used for each tooth. This type of crown gives a better translucency/natural look than crowns fused to metal.

Gradia crowns - resin based, a reasonable option. The look is reasonably natural.

Full porcelain crowns - excellent translucency/look against natural teeth. The crown of choice for the front teeth in the medium cost bracket however these crowns are only for individual teeth. It is not possible to make bridges (i.e. teeth joined together to span gaps) from full porcelain as the material is not strong enough.

Zirconium oxide crowns - absolutely fantastic look, good translucency and superior strength. These are the ultimate crowns for front teeth and can be used for individual crowns or bridgework.

All of our crowns are very competitively priced and included in the price is the cost of the consultation, panoramic x-ray, airport transfers, and ongoing support in Budapest. Current discounts are listed in the price lists.

Generally we need 5 working days for lab work to be completed. The length of time you have to stay in Budapest depends on how many teeth are involved and in what parts of the mouth they are. For small amounts of work this might be arrive on a Sunday, start the preparation on the Monday, fitting on Friday and home on Saturday. However with larger amounts of work we would want you to stay until the Monday or Tuesday of the following week. This gives us time to spread the preparation over a couple of days and make minor adjustments if necessary. We need to make sure we have time to do your work and we also have to consider how much work can comfortably be done in one appointment and how much local anaesthetic is needed at each appointment.

Alternatively you can go out to Budapest for 3-4 days, arrive Sunday leave Wednesday evening, and then return say on the Thursday a week later for at least 2 nights.

We try and work around your commitments. So if you let us know when you are available we can try and fit you in.


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