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Dental treatment abroad in Eastern Europe costs much less than in the UK and in Ireland

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When you come to us you are dealing directly with a dental clinic in Budapest. We are not an agency, just a real dental clinic with a great reputation. We don't spend thousands on advertising or hours and hours on getting our website to the top in Google, we just concentrate on providing good quality dentistry at a great price.

Why should you visit a dentist in Budapest, Hungary, for cosmetic dentistry treatment? It is because you can have the best dental treatment in eastern europe at a fraction of UK prices. Just think what dental implants and cosmetic dental treatment in Hungary could do for you. Dental implants or zirconium bridges could get rid of your gaps for ever. Dental treatment abroad gives you the chance to enjoy smiling again

Imagine how confident you will feel with a new smile after you complete your cosmetic dental treatment with a dentist in Budapest, Hungary. Cosmetic dentistry at its best.

Contact us NOW and find out how you can improve your appearance with new teeth. Come to our dental clinic in Budapest for dental implants, veneers, porcelain and zirconium oxide crowns, cosmetic dentistry and Zoom tooth whitening. Be one of the sophisticated dental tourists who are flocking to Budapest in Hungary.

Take advantage of the impressive range of dental skills in our dental clinic.


Dentistry in Budapest

  • Alpha-Bio Dental Implants
  • Nobel-Biocare Replace Implants
  • Nobel-Biocare Active Implants
  • Straumann SLA Dental Implants
  • Zircon - Zirconium oxide crowns
  • Zirconium Veneers
  • Full dentures, plastic and cast metal
  • Partial dentures
  • Precision attachments
  • Extractions and Surgical extractions
  • Wisdom tooth extractions
  • Composite fillings
  • ZOOM tooth whitening - ask for the best, ask for Zoom
  • Panoramic x-ray
  • Hygiene treatment
  • Root canal treatment
  • Post / cores
  • Bone augmentation
  • Sinus Lifts
  • Sedation for nervous patients

Dentist Budapest

Bill, aged 52, had several teeth extracted in his late teens, leaving him with missing upper right, lower left and lower right back teeth. He also had a broken tooth upper left and some heavily filled teeth. Two years ago one of the heavily filled teeth collapsed and was crowned in the UK. Soon after the crowned tooth caused pain on eating.

The panoramic x-ray taken in Budapest in Hungary showed that the unsupported teeth either side of the earlier extractions had tilted and moved out of alignment and the bite was no longer aligned and the newly crowned tooth was being hit at an unnatural angle by one of the existing teeth. Since this side was used for chewing everything but the softest food, the situation was becoming critical.

The solution was to create three separate bridges to support the lower left, lower right and the upper right quarters of the mouth. The broken left tooth was reconstructed using a post/core and crown. Because of time constraints the work which would normally take months in the UK was compressed into one week in Budapest. One year later Bill can eat pretty much anything and often does. He avoids toffees and hard nuts, a small price to pay for a functioning mouth.

Bill's recommendation – “the dental work in Budapest was done to a very high standard and was about one-third of what I would have paid at home. So go to Budapest for dental treatment and save yourself a fortune.”


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From €520 Dental implants to replace teeth and fill up gaps in your mouth
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If you want top quality crowns and bridgework we recommend zirconium oxide crowns. Zirconium oxide crowns look amazing and are so natural looking, just like normal teeth.

If your dental clinic cannot provide zirconium oxide crowns we can.

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Zirconium Oxide crowns, the newest technology, reliable, computer aided manufacturing procedure, highest quality standards, consistent standards, high strength. These crowns look absolutely amazing.
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If you are planning a trip to Eastern Europe for cosmetic dentistry or dental implants abroad, Budapest should be high on your "where should I go" list.


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