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Why should I go to Budapest to the dentist

Two reasons - quality and price

How long do I need to stay in Budapest for my dental treatment

This depends on what dentistry is required. For example:

Crowns and bridges - one trip (6 days) OR 2 trips (2 days for the preparation and then 2 days for the final fitting the following week or the week after that). The benefit of taking 2 trips is that your appointments can revolve more around the weekends.

Implants - 2-3 working days and then return to Budapest 3-6 months later for the implant crowns to be fitted.

Free consultation, x-ray and treatment plan - 1 day

Laser whitening 1 day

What happens at the dental consultation

A panoramic x-ray will be taken

The dentist will examine your teeth and discuss a treatment plan with you. You will be given a written quotation for any work necessary. This appointment might take about 1 hour.

How do I pay for my dental treatment

Cash - you will get 3% cash discount if you pay for your dental treatment in cash. Euros, Sterling and Hungarian Forint notes are all accepted in the clinic.

Travellers Cheques
You will get the best value for money if you bring travellers cheques in your native currency. Therefore UK patients should bring sterling travellers cheques and Irish patients should bring Euro travellers cheques.

The clinic will advise you which bank is currently offering the best rate so that you can convert your travellers cheques into the local currency, Hungarian Forints. You can then use your Hungarian Forints to pay for your dental treatment and in this way take advantage of our 3% discount for cash.

Debit card / ATM machines
Some UK banks do not charge for ATM withdrawals in foreign countries although they may limit your daily withdrawal. If you use this method of getting cash in Budapest you should contact your bank and ask them to increase your daily limit so you can take larger amounts from the ATM.

Are there any guarantees for the dental work

Yes - see guarantee section for full details

Are the dentists in the clinic careful and gentle

Yes, very careful

How do I decide which hotel to use

You may make your own arrangements or let us suggest a hotel for you

Why should I choose Prime Dental Clinic Budapest

  • We will look after you while you are in Budapest
  • You can save significant sums of money on your dental treatment
  • We are a highly experienced dental team
  • We use the highest quality dental materials
  • We are specialists in implantology
  • We offer you a free consultation, panoramic x-ray and treatment plan
  • Free airport transfers
  • State of the art technology
  • We are highly trained and have lots of experience
  • We speak English fluently
  • We are a friendly team
  • Immediate appointments available in our clinic
  • You will be so happy you have chosen us for your dental treatment

Do you offer initial consultations or appointments in London or elsewhere in the UK

No - we prefer to keep our prices down. Our prices are too competitive to offer this service. We are also not prepared to send a junior member of the team who does not have the experience necessary to undertake complex and detailed examinations.

Budapest is inexpensive for dentistry because of low overall running costs. When a clinic starts offering consultations or appointments in London or elsewhere in the UK, the patient will eventually have to pay more because costs inevitably will be higher for the clinic.

Budapest is easily accessible for a day trip. Take advantage of the cheap airfares from airlines like EasyJet and save yourself money.

Do all the dentists have professional insurance


Do the Dentists and Office Staff speak English

Yes. All of the staff speak English extremely well.


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