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Patient Testimonial

Another wonderful testimonial for Prime Dental Budapest
"Recommend Prime Dental unreservedly"
7 October 2008

"To have all the amalgam fillings that I had accumulated over some thirty years removed in one four hour treatment session (with no pain) and to have 21 beautiful new crowns (Porcelain fused to metal x 15, including 2 Bridges, bridging two spaces for lost molars) and 6 Zirconium Oxide crowns (Lower Front) fitted seven days later was way beyond my best expectations. The price of treatment was also excellent value (compared to UK prices) for the amount of treatment I received and the quality of service, some €6100 (Sept 2008).

Also, although I did receive a lot of treatment, at no time was I subject to any sort of pressure selling to get treatment I did not want, or could not afford. In fact, at my initial examination/consultation the dentist asked me what I wanted done (which I told him) rather than him saying what he wanted to do to my teeth. Thereafter I was pleasantly surprised when he said he could do all that I wanted done to my teeth, without the need to extract any teeth or put in dental implants.

To anyone unsure about whether to go to Budapest for dental treatment and/or unsure about choosing a particular dentist there; all I can say is that, based on my own personal experience, and the experiences of other people who I spoke to, both before I went to Budapest and people I met while at the clinic when I was there from other parts of the UK, I would recommend Prime Dental unreservedly, don’t be scared to go, do it, you will be shocked at the super quality, expertise and results, with very reasonable prices - for their outstanding service and treatment.

We also discovered that Budapest is a gorgeous city and the people very nice (all the ones we came across) – we felt at ease and relaxed throughout our stay in Budapest.

One very happy Prime Dental client with fantastic looking (and functioning) teeth."

Mr D, Aberdeen, Scotland


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