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General Dental Treatment


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  • Free dental examination and panoramic x-ray in Budapest
  • Quality dental treatment abroad in Hungary
  • Excellent cosmetic appearance
  • Highly trained dentists and implantologists in Hungary
  • Competitive prices for dental treatment abroad in Eastern Europe
  • Caring attitude to dental patients
  • Professionalism in every respect

Types of Dental Treatment

Dental Implants:
Alpha-Bio, Nobel Biocare Replace, Active, Straumann

Zircon (zirconium oxide) crowns

Zirconium Veneers

Gradia Inlays + Onlays

Full Dentures

Partial Dentures

Root Canal Treatment

Denture relining


ZOOM 2 Professional Laser Tooth Whitening

Porcelain covered crowns

Gradia Crowns + Bridgework

Repairing broken or chipped teeth

Straightening teeth

Gaps in teeth


Discoloured teeth

Missing teeth

Crooked teeth


Cosmetic dentistry


Oral surgery

Sinus lifts

Bone augmentation


Dental treatment abroad at a fraction of the cost in the UK.

Eastern Europe, and in particular Budapest, Hungary, has become an increasingly popular venue for high quality dental treatment yet at extremely cheap prices compared with the UK.

How long do I have to stay in Budapest for my dental treatment?

Generally we need 5 working days in Budapest for lab work to be completed (crowns, bridges, veneers). 

The length of time you have to stay in Budapest depends on how many teeth are involved and in what parts of the mouth they are. For small amounts of dental work it might be appropriate to arrive on a Sunday, start the preparation on the Monday, have the fitting on Friday and go home on Saturday or Sunday.  However where larger amounts of dental work are required patients need to stay until the Tuesday or Wednesday the following week, or adjust their arrival day. 

This gives us time to spread the preparation over a couple of days and make minor adjustments if necessary. What we need to do is to make sure we have time to do the work and we also have to consider how much work can comfortably be done in one appointment and how much local anaesthetic is needed at each appointment. This is particularly so if work is needed in all 4 quadrants of the mouth.

Alternatively you may go out to Budapest for 3 days for the preparation, and then return to Budapest a week later for 2 days for the fitting of the permanent lab work.

Dental Treatment in Budapest Schedules

Working days required for dental treatment. These are examples only and can change from patient to patient.

Free Consultation and x-ray 1 hour
Extractions (following extractions 2-3 months are needed for the gums to settle down before fitting crowns or dentures) 1 day
Extractions with temporary dentures 2 days
Implants plus stitches removed at home (implant recovery time - 3-6 months before crowns are fitted) 2-3 days
Implants plus stitches removed in Budapest 7 -8 days
Implants plus temporary dentures 5 days
Implants with bone augmentation 1 week minimum
Implant crowns (6 months after implant placing) 10 days or 3 days + 3 days
Crowns / bridges 5 working days or 3 days + 2 days
Crowns / bridges + dentures 10 days
Root Canal Treatment 1 week or more
Dentures 8 days
Temporary dentures 2 days
Veneers 2 days + 2 days
ZOOM Laser Teeth Whitening 1 hour
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