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Patient Testimonials


Click on the links below to read some of our wonderful testimonials from our dental clinic in Budapest, more coming soon, please come back again
19 May 2014
The Guru of the Dental World
16 May 2014
14 May 2014
Simply the best
28 Feb 2014
You will not find a more gifted surgeon anywhere
9 Nov 2013
Wonderful dental work
5 June 2013
My new look
April 2013
So honest and kind
16 Oct 2012
I can smile again
16 Oct 2012
A great smile
Oct 2012
A smile to be proud of
18 May 2012
Simply the best
8 May 2012
Restored my faith
Apr 2012
Wonderful results
28 March 2012
Beyond what I could have imagined
24 Feb 2012
No pain at all
22 Feb 2012
Outstanding dentist
Feb 2012
Better than I could have imagined
29 Nov 2011
Professional and reliable team
6 Sept 2011
100% satisfaction
Sept 2011
Extremely satisfied
26 August 2011
Complete faith in Zoltan
April 2011
Virtualy pain free
29 April 2011
Results are astonishing
28 April 2011
Gentle manner
1 Apr 2011
I was very nervous
30 Mar 2011
A good experience
18 Feb 2011
It was painless
7 Jan 2011
Dec 2010
Wonderful experience
12 Nov 2010
10 zirconium veneers
11 Sept 2010
A great job and a good price
Oct 2010
It's fantastic to be able to smile again
4 Aug 2010
Eternally grateful
30 Jul 2010
I love my new smile
20 July 2010
Outstanding dental treatment
9 June 2010
The best dental treatment in the world
19 May 2010
By far the best dental experience
18 May 2010
Highest professionalism
14 May 2010
22 crowns fitted
27 November 2009
8 implants
21 November 2009
This is my 4th visit
31 October 2009
Delighted with the end product
16 October 2009
Brilliant team
9 October 2009
A Rotary contact
8 April 2009
We will recommend this clinic
31 March 2009
Fear of dentists
Eternally grateful
A very good experience

11 Dec 2008
Pleasurable despite phobia

7 Oct 2008
Recommend Prime Dental Unreservedly

13 Aug 2008
A Trip Advisor testimonial
May 2008
Zoltan was so gentle
Feb 2008
Such a difference
Sept 2007
High Standards of work
Sept 2007
Brilliant time in Budapest
Sept 2007
Zoltan working his usual magic
Aug 2007
Highly recommended
Aug 2007
The results are fantastic
July 2007
I don't have toothache
June 2007
Gleaming new crowns
June 2007
Get yourself out to Budapest
May 2007
Exceeded our expectations
Mar 2007
My new smile
27 Feb 2007
Far too costly in England
27 Feb 2007
A remarkable job
25 Feb 2007
I Googled Dental Tourism




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Overall Customer Rating


"Prime Dental were just brilliant"


"way beyond my best expectations"


"the new clinic facilities and location are perfect"


"nothing compares "


"don’t be scared to go [to Budapest], do it, you will be shocked at the super quality, expertise and results, with very reasonable prices"


"outstanding service and treatment"


"I can't wait to go home and show everyone my new smile "


"The hotel was lovely"


"I feel amazing "


"The work exceeded our expectations "


"The best dentist I have ever had"


"I've had lots of compliments"


"The staff were fantastic"


"Excellent treatment"


"I am delighted with the results"


"Very competitive prices"


"put me at my ease"


"skill and consideration"


"clear and detailed information"


"the right choice"


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