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5 April - Daily Mail
Article by Daniel Martin
Number of tooth extractions soars by 30% in four years


13 August 2008 - Trip Advisor
Comments from a patient
Go to link Report on dental treatment in Budapest

Trip Advisor report on dental treatment in Budapest

August 2008 - Rotary Today
Volume 20 Issue 2

Rotary - Dental Treatment in Hungary

2 July 2008 - The Times
Article by Nigel Hawkes, Health Editor
Dentist contract overhaul 'has made situation worse'
Dentists are extracting patients' teeth rather than carrying out more complex repair work because NHS reforms have failed, an influential MPs' committee says today.

29 March 2008 - The Sun
Article by Bill Todd
Budapest is the Buda-best Hol
FANCY two for the price of one for a weekend break? Try Budapest. Hungary's capital was two cities until 140 years ago, and both Buda and Pest retain their distinctive character.

26 February 2008 - The Daily Express
Article by Victoria Fletcher, Health Editor
11 million can't afford Dentist
More than 11 million British adults have not seen a dentist in the last two years - because even a check-up is too expensive.

17 February 2008 - The Sunday Times
Article by Stanley Stewart
Budapest's Bathhouses
For two millennia, the citizens of Budapest have nursed a passion for bathing.

17 February 2008 - The Sunday Times
Instant weekend: Budapest
The smart guide to the Hungarian capital: the best bathhouses, hotels, restaurants and more

7 February 2008 - The Daily Telegraph
Article by Andrew Gimson

Finding an NHS dentist can be like pulling teeth
People who cannot get an NHS dentist are pulling their teeth out with pliers and using Superglue to put caps back.

26 January 2008 - The Independent
Budapest, Hungary
Whether cruising along the Danube or bobbing around in a thermal bath, it's best to go with the flow in the Hungarian capital
Article by Peter MacNeil

18 January 2008 - The Daily Telegraph
Bad Teeth - the new British disease
Article by Alice Thomson
In Britain today . . .

12 January 2008 - The Telegraph
7m deprived of access to an NHS dentist
Article by Andrew Porter, Political Editor
As many as seven million people in Britain have no access to an NHS dentist, a damning new report is expected to reveal next week.

11 January 2008 - The Independent
NHS dentistry in crisis as record number of practitioners defect to private sector
Article by Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor
The crisis in NHS dentistry is rapidly worsening because dentists are switching thousands of patients to private treatment, figures show.

16 October 2007 - The Sun
I yanked tooth out with my nails
Desperate Susannah Houghton ripped out a rotten tooth with her false nails because she could not get to see a dentist. . . . "The shortage of dentists is also driving more and more patients abroad."

27 May 2007 - The Times
Dental surgery in Hungary
Article by Chris Haslam
Want Hollywood teeth for a quarter of the price? We join the dental tourists for some incisor trading in Hungary

26 Mar 2007 - The Guardian
Postcode lottery still exists in NHS dental care, Which? says
Article by Sarah Boseley, Health Editor
A postcode lottery still exists in NHS dental care, according to the consumer organisation Which, with huge variations in the availability of dentists around the country.

26 March 2007 - Yorkshire Post
Region one of worst in lottery for NHS dentist
Article by Kate O'Hara
Patients searching for NHS dental treatment face a postcode lottery of care - and those in Yorkshire are among the worst affected.

26 March 2007 - Daily Mail
Thousands Still Struggle to Find an NHS Dentist
Only a third of dental practices are taking on new Health Service patients despite the introduction of a new contract intended to boost provision.

26 March 2007 - BBC
NHS Dental Access 'not improving'
Nearly two-thirds of dentists in England are turning away NHS patients, according to a survey.

9 March 2007 - Daily Telegraph
Dentists see 'million fewer people' on the NHS
Article by Graeme Wilson, Political Correspondent
The number of people using NHS dentists has dropped by 1.4 million over the last 12 months following the introduction of controversial new contracts, the Conservative claimed last night.

28 Feb/1 March 2007 - BBC
The Rise in Dental Tourism
Two short BBC videos, Part 1 and Part 2, of BBC reporter Elaine Willcox's trip to Budapest to report on Dentistry in Budapest, Hungary, at the Prime Dental Clinic.
[If you get the BBC Media Selector page and choose the wrong option you can change your option in preferences]

1 Feb 2007 - Daily Express
New dentists turn away patients
Article by Martin Evans
Patients are being denied dental treatment because health chiefs are running out of money, it was claimed last night.

25 Jan 2007 - Salford Advertiser
By gum, that's cheap!
Article by Ailsa Cranna

22 Jan 2007 - Manchester Evening News
2,000-mile dentist trip saves £8000
Article by Dan McMullan
A dad has travelled more than 2,000 miles to get his teeth fixed - despite living just yards from a dental surgery.

22 Jan 2007 - Dentistry co uk
Long trip saves customer thousands
A Manchester-based patient who lives just yards from a dental surgery saved himself £8,000 by travelling to Hungary instead for treatment.

18 May 2006 - The Guardian
The global health service
Whether you agree with it or not, medical tourism is booming. In a trailblazing case this week, one woman even won the right to an NHS-funded hip operation abroad. Peta Bee lists some of the most popular destinations

17 May 2006 - Daily Telegraph
Where Britons go, and what they pay
Nic Fleming, Medical Correspondent

18 April 2006 - The Daily Telegraph
Why dentists are rapidly disappearing from the NHS
By Peter Pallot

20 March 2006 - The Times
There's a boom in tooth tourism as Britons seek cheaper dental care
Have Teeth, Will Travel

Article by Stefanie Marsh

25 February 2006 - The Independent
Health Tourists sign up for sun, sea and surgery

With more people going abroad for operations, David Prosser looks at the pros and cons of health tourism

19 Feb 2006 - The Sunday Times New Rush to Foreign Hospitals
A growing number of people are travelling abroad for faster, cheaper medical treatment
Article by Emma Lunn

6 October 2002 - Daily Telegraph
Tooth tourism transforms town as dental patients flock to Hungary
By Michael Leidig


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BBC Visit Prime Dental Clinic, Budapest, Hungary
February 2007

The BBC visited the Prime Dental Clinic in Budapest, Hungary, in February 2007. SEE the two short videos, Part 1 and Part 2

The BBC Manchester North West Tonight team filmed dentists, staff and new and returning patients at the Prime Dental Clinic Budapest.

One patient, interviewed by BBC reporter Elaine Willcox, spoke about his previous dental treatment in Budapest and the proposed work to his lower jaw.

Another patient interviewed, a new patient, lost his upper front teeth some years ago and now wears a denture.

Some pictures from the BBC visit.
Dentist Budapest, BBC filming in the Clinic in February 2007
The BBC filming at the Prime Dental Clinic in Budapest in February 2007
Dentist Budapest, BBC filming in the Clinic Reception  area in February 2007
The BBC filming in the Clinic Reception area
Dentist Budapest, BBC filming dentists in the Clinic in February 2007
The BBC filming dentists Adam Lorincz and Zoltan Buzogany in the Clinic
Dentist Budapest, BBC reporter Elaine Willcox filming in the Clinic Reception  area in February 2007
BBC reporter Elaine Wilcox with patient John Thompson
Dentist Budapest, BBC reporter Elaine Willcox filming Dentist Adam Lorincz in the Clinic in February 2007
BBC reporter Elaine Willcox with dentist Adam Lorincz




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