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Saturday 28 August 2014
Getting to the Dental Clinic and around Budapest


Public transport is the quickest and cheapest way to whizz around the city. You can buy a 7 day travel card for about £15 that gives you unlimited use of the trams, metros and buses within the city and its suburbs. If you are only there for a day you can buy single tickets or books of 10 from the kiosk or machine. One ticket gives you one journey, there is a machine on the platform (metro) or in the tram where you have to stamp your ticket to validate it. If you forget you will be fined if the railway police do a spot check. If you have a travel card, just show it when asked and if you are 65 or over travel is free, but you need to carry proof of age, a passport will do.

As part of your visit will include some dental treatment let me start by telling you how to get to the clinic. We are on the Buda side of the river Danube (that's the hilly side). The number 4 and number 6 trams stop right outside the clinic, the stop is called Margit híd bual hídfö which sounds a bit complicated but just remember to get off as soon as you have crossed the river (if you start on the Pest side), or before you cross the river if you are on the Buda side. The trams are very frequent, every 3 minutes on weekdays so don't bother running if you are on the other side of the road, there will be another one soon.

When you get off the tram look for the Trofea Grill restaurant on the corner of the block, the clinic is next door on the second floor. The door has a security pad, type in 26 and the door will be opened electronically. Go inside, up a flight of stairs and we are there on the left.

If you are early and want to spend half an hour strolling in the park, get off the tram 4 or 6 halfway across the bridge at Margaret Island (one stop from the clinic) and enjoy the fountains and leafy walks. If you are very energetic there is a 4km running track around the island, no need to book just join the locals.

Prim Dental Clinic location
Prime Dental Clinic location
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Prime Dental Clinic map




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