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Tuesday 2 December 2013
Feedback and Testimonial: a very happy dental patient


A dental patient who sums up his experience with Prime Dental Clinic with two words "Honesty" and "Empathy".


"I have thought long and hard as to what made me choose Prime Dental in Budapest. I think that I can sum it up in two words, Honesty and Empathy.

Honest - the quality or condition of being honest; integrity. Truthfulness; sincerity;

Empathy - is the experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.

I regularly met with my Dentist in the UK. Whilst he did all he could to maintain my teeth he was fighting a losing battle. We both knew that at some time in the future I would need a full set of Dentures (top and bottom). This was something that I was wholeheartedly against. He informed me that the other option would be Implants, Bridgework and Crowns. He warned me against Veneers and to make sure that I selected Crowns. He sent me to a local specialist who provided me with a very precise, 3 page Statement of Requirements.

I used this to solicit feedback and quotations from between 30 and 40 Dental Clinics from a whole range of Countries, one like Costa Rica was just impossible. However, I was surprised that I received so few responses. One was from Prime Dental.

Whilst I gave a very precise Statement of Requirements several Clinics gave me a Quote for Quote, based on the details that I sent. Prime Dental asked to see me so that we could discuss, Face to Face, what was necessary to achieve what I wanted. I made an appointment and per chance Luton Airport was snowed off that day and I had to re-schedule.

Following that date I was contacted by another Dental facility in Budapest. I had already made another appointment with Prime Dental so agreed to meet with this other Clinic on the day before my appointment with Prime Dental.

I was collected from the Airport and the first thing I noticed that the clinic was way out of the City and in the Suburbs. I sat in the reception area and was sitting with two other couples who had nothing good to say about the clinic, the way that they were treated, their clinical treatment and even down to the accommodation that was provided by this clinic. I was called upstairs to meet the Dentist. He came in, tugged at my teeth, looked at my X-Ray and said something to the assistant and walked out. I think that I saw him for all of 6 minutes and at no time was I spoken to. I went down to the reception and spent a bit more time listening to the other patients and was finally handed a document which was a treatment plan and quote. No discussion whatsoever.

I telephoned my wife Jane and said that I didn't know what I was doing here, the meeting with the Clinic was horrible. Jane reminded me that this meeting was an additional one and that I was meeting with my chosen clinic the next morning.

The next morning I was waiting in the Hotel Lobby when your driver (Csaba) walked in at exactly 8:30, looked at me and said Philip? Whilst he didn't speak a great deal of English we got on really well. He took me to the Prime Dental Clinic.

Amy, you were waiting for me outside so that I had no problem in finding the Clinic. On entering the Reception I was offered a coffee. You introduced me to Zoltan and using the X-Ray that I had and the Statement of Requirements that I had sent we discussed my treatment in great detail for at least 40 minutes. Zoltan continually asked for my input and opinion regarding a proposed treatment plan. I asked about the possibility of doing only to top or the bottom set. Zoltan discussed with me the pros and cons for doing top over bottom etc. he gave me several good reasons why a whole mouth option, for me, was the sensible solution. To give me the teeth that I wanted and discussed with me how, over time, this would be the cheaper and better solution.

I thought that for the whole period I was being listened to, my input was important. I was involved. Zoltan put himself in my position and discussed with me all the options available. You and Sylvia discussed with me the options for accommodation whilst I had treatment. Between us we discussed the end to end process. I walked out and before I got to the beginning of Margaret Bridge I had called Jane and told her that I was going to have my treatment at Prime Dental...

Like I said, throughout my dealings with you all you have been Honest and shown Empathy towards me.

It doesn't stop there. Throughout my treatment I had a meeting with my original UK Dentist after every visit to Prime Dental so that he could track the work that I was having. He gave nothing but praise for the workmanship that I was receiving. It made me feel so confident that I had made the right choice.

When I came over for the Implant Treatment I can honestly say that I wasn't sure what I was in for. I think that I was in the chair for three and three quarter hours. The only pain that I had was in my lower back, from sitting in the one place for so long, but I was also aware that I couldn't just jump up and wander around when I wanted.

At one point in this process Timi who was assisting Zoltan could see that I was distressed. She bend forward and looked in my eyes and mouthed "it's OK" and just touched her forehead to mine. You just don't know how reassuring and tender that was. It completely set me back down. With Zoltan and Timi I knew I was in such good hands.

Throughout my treatment Zoltan was aware, and made comment, on my dislike of the anaesthetic needle and actually apologised before injecting me.

Amy. You asked me to buy the Friends DVD set for you. You don't realise how it made me feel that I was able to help you by such a simple act.

I actually look forward to my annual visit, my check up. I have complete confidence and trust in everyone at Prime Dental. I cant praise you enough. Not only that. When I sit in the Dental Chair I sit overlooking the River Danube and the Hungarian Parliament Building. I think people would pay for that alone."


Before photo dental patient
Before Treatment
Before photo dental patient
Before Treatment
Before photo dental patient
Before Treatment
Before photo dental patient
During Treatment - a bit of a tidy up
Before photo dental patient
During Treatment - a bit of a tidy up
Before photo dental patient
During Treatment - a bit of a tidy up
After Dental treatment in Budapest
After Treatment - a very happy patient
After Dental treatment in Budapest
After Treatment - the same happy patient




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