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Sunday 26 August 2012
Coyote Coffee & Deli Budapest


I adore Hungarian food, despite the strangulated descriptions in some of the menus you can eat like a king for very little money if you know where to go. In this post I am going to tell you about my favourite cafe and an excellent inexpensive restaurant close by.

When you are bored with the shops and the bustle of Vaci Utca (the main pedestrian street in Budapest) and want somewhere calm to chill out you should come to the Coyote Coffee and Deli. It's easy to get to: head for Batthyány tér on the bus, tram or metro (on the red line). When you come out of the metro station you have a stunning view of the Parliament buildings across the river Danube. Turn your back on Danube and walk across the square, crossing at the lights. Bear left, then first right, cross the road to your left and you will see the Coyote Coffee and Deli on the corner.

You really will be hanging out with the locals, some call in to buy cakes for the office, others pause for breakfast or a pastry. As the day goes on the tables and sunshades move around the pavement and the street theatre unfolds: lovers, friends, strangers come and go. You will see pouts, kisses, sulks and laughter and you will merge into it if you stay long enough. And you can stay, nobody will chase you away - you can settle quietly with your thoughts or join the flow. Settle down and take full advantage of the free wi-fi if you want.

Now for the disclaimer: even though we think this is the best cafe in Budapest it is owned by Amy's family (Amy from our clinic), so we have spent a lot of time there drinking iced coffee, eating hot paninis and sometimes making sure that the wine is up to standard. But this is not just nepotism it is a very good cafe. Amy travels to Vienna once a month to buy the coffee beans and everything else is sourced from the best local suppliers: she is obsessive about quality.

Coyote Coffee and Deli in Budapest
Coyote Coffee and Deli - Budapest - great coffee, wraps, paninis, cakes, wine, beer
Coyote Budapest amy
Amy makes a rare appearance!

Now for the restaurant "Atakam":

Coyote is on the corner of Fo Utca and just a few steps away (come out of Coyote and turn left - 2 units along on the left) is the Atakam restaurant. We ate there twice within two days; beautiful Hungarian food that doesn't read well on the English translation of the menu. Don’t be put off by the descriptions: Veal cheek with potatoes and peppers and a reduced wine sauce was delicious and the catfish with paprika and cottage cheese impressed. A useful tip: if you drink red wine you will be surprised at first to be offered dry or sweet,  dry is usually closest to Shiraz and Bordeaux wine, sweet will be Merlot or Beaujolais style. The German wheat beer on the drinks list is delicious and goes very well with the cockerel stew.

Catfish - absolutely delicious
Veal cheek
Veal cheek





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