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Thursday 9 August 2012
CAMRA Member goes to Budapest


Report by Bill Ferguson
CAMRA member (Campaign for Real Ale)

Csak a jó sör
42-44 Kertész utca

Budapest is great for food and for lager but if you are pining for something that would bring a smile to a CAMRA member's face you might need a bit of local advice. Here is one to get you going, it is easy to find; take the No. 4 or 6 tram to Keraly Utca (the stop between Oktogon and Wesselenyi Utca which is almost directly in front of the Royal Corinthia Hotel Budapest). Turn your back on the Corinthia Hotel and cross the road, bearing left. You will see a road called Dob Utca, walk down it and take the second street on the right. In 200 yards on the left hand side you will see what looks like an off-licence with a sign saying Csak a jó sör (translation: "only good beer"). You have arrived. Inside it's like Hamley's toyshop for beer lovers, loads of bottled Belgian and other beers, many I had never seen before, even some beers from the UK and several cask beers on tap.

I asked owner Gergely Kövári what should I try and he recommended his own microbrewery bitter. Called Grabanc IPA and described as American in style it had a powerful flowery hoppy front, followed by a hefty malt/hop battle and a palette cleaning bitter bite to finish. I asked Gergely the brewer, to tell me about his beer and he was quite modest describing it as an exploration into American (I think he said Appalachian hops) new wave brewing. He thought the gravity was equivalent to about 6% alcohol but he wasn't sure as he broke his hydrometer and hasn't replaced it yet (but that recipe normally comes out at 6% 'ish). There were four beers on tap, next time I would love to taste the whole menu but time was limited on this visit.

In the whole time we were there, maybe 20 minutes, there was a constant stream of people coming in for "take-aways" as well a few table dwellers who seemed very pleased to see us taking an interest in their "local". And with the current rate of exchange at 345 HUFs to the pound, half a litre (nearly a pint) of Grabanc for 600 HUFs seemed like a bargain to me.

Csak a jo sur budapest
Csak a jó sör, 42-44 Kertész utca, 1072 - Budapest

42-44 Kertész utca, 1072 - Budapest
Csak a jo sur budapest
Gergely behind the bar (TIP: a person's first name is always written last in Hungary)
Csak a jo sur budapest
Today's beer menu
Csak a jo sur budapest
In the street outside the shop "hold my beer while I take a pic"
Csak a jo sur budapest
"I said hold my beer, not drink it ..."
Csak a jó sörök - only good beers (adding the "ök" at the end of the word makes it plural!)
Csak a jo sur budapest
Some of the bottled beers on sale
Csak a jo sur budapest
Behind the bar


Download Bill's report here useful for printing


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